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I am a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Informatics at King's College London (see what student's have to say). I am a member of the Software Modelling and Applied Logic (SMAL) group. I came here from Lancaster University, UK, where I was a Marie-Curie Fellow. Before that, I had been a PhD student and research associate with Technische Universität Dresden, Germany.

In 2007, I received my doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.) from Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. My doctoral thesis was in the area of non-functional properties of component-based systems and was awarded summa cum laude.

Whenever I am not sitting in front of the computer doing important research, I am most likely to be found a) in front of a book reading stories (well, anything, actually), or b) in rehearsals working on some new theatre play.

Current Projects and Activities

In collaboration with TU Dresden, Germany, I'm offering a DAAD-funded student research internship for summer 2016 on building a DSL for adaptive robot kinematics.

Together with the King's Learning Institute, I run this project based on semi-structured interviews of students.


Selected Publications

Elizabeth Black, Peter McBurney, and Steffen Zschaler: Towards Agent Dialogue as a Tool for Capturing Software Design Discussions. 2nd Int'l Workshop on Theory and Applications of Formal Argumentation (TAFA'13), 2013.
[pdf] [bibtex] Refereed Workshop Paper,  research areas: Empirical Software Engineering
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Francisco Duran, Steffen Zschaler, and Javier Troya: On the Reusable Specification of Non-functional Properties in DSLs. Proc. 5th Int'l Conf. on Software Language Engineering (SLE 2012), LNCS vol. 7745, pp. 332--351, Springer, 2012.
Acceptance rate: 32%
[pdf (The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com.)] [slides] [http] [bibtex] [additional material] Refereed Conference Paper,  research areas: Model-Driven Development, Modularity, Non-functional Properties
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Steffen Zschaler, Pablo Sánchez, Joao Santos, Mauricio Alférez, Awais Rashid, Lidia Fuentes, Ana Moreira, Joao Araujo, and Uirá Kulesza: VML* -- A Family of Languages for Variability Management in Software Product Lines. Mark van den Brand, Dragan Gasevic, and Jeff Gray (eds.): Software Language Engineering, 2nd Int'l Conf. (SLE 2009), Revised Selected Papers. LNCS 5969, Springer, 2010.
Acceptance rate: 20%
[pdf (The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com.)] [slides] [http] [bibtex] [additional material] Refereed Conference Paper,  research areas: Model-Driven Development, Modularity
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Steffen Zschaler: Formal Specification of Non-functional Properties of Component-Based Software Systems: A Semantic Framework and Some Applications Thereof. Software and Systems Modelling Journal (SoSyM) 9(2):161-- 201, 2010.
[pdf (The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com)] [http] [bibtex] [additional material] Refereed Journal Article,  research areas: Modularity, Non-functional Properties
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Florian Heidenreich, Jakob Henriksson, Jendrik Johannes, and Steffen Zschaler: On Language-Independent Model Modularisation. Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Development VI, Special Issue on Aspects and MDE. LNCS 5560, pp. 39--82, Springer, 2009.
[pdf ((c) Springer-Verlag)] [http] [bibtex] Refereed Journal Article,  research areas: Model-Driven Development, Modularity
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:
Holger Kampffmeyer and Steffen Zschaler: Finding the Pattern You Need: The Design Pattern Intent Ontology. Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (Proc. MODELS 2007), pages 211--225, LNCS 4735, Springer, 2007.
Acceptance rate: 28%
[pdf ((c) Springer, the original paper can be found at SpringerLink)] [slides] [http] [bibtex] [additional material] Refereed Conference Paper,  research areas: Ontologies and the Semantic Web
Research contribution:  Writing contribution:



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Dr. rer. nat. Steffen Zschaler
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King's College Strand Campus, room S1.11a
Note: from 25 January to 12 February, 2016 I will be in Bush House, 3rd floor
Students are welcome to come to my office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am to 12pm.